Smart Capital was founded in 2008 and since then the clients have benefited from the company’s experiences and connections with international corporations, private equity and venture funds.

The success as a Corporate Finance company is ultimately measured by the EUR 30 Mio in cumulated transactions done to date by the team in funding high-tech, bio-tech as well as projects in the renewable energy sector.

Smart Capital seeks for projects with outstanding entrepreneurs, a superior business plan that provides a clear path to revenue and a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. Smart Capital creates value to the projects by serving as board members and providing strategic direction and constructive inputs to the business. Smart Capital is therefore more than financiers. The common objective is to significantly enhance the value of every company for the benefit of all its shareholders through joint efforts.

The team of experts at Smart Capital have extensive international “on-the-field” work experience in the private equity and venture capital industry. The key contacts are:

Rumman SYED – Managing Director

Has spent over 10 years in the high-tech industry holding various management positions helping develop and execute a variety of strategic, sales and marketing activitiesFormerly director in a startup responsible for the global expansion of a SMB across Asia and America.Holds a degree in Masters of Information Systems Engineering from the University of Durham, UK.Observer at 7 boards of startups in the high-tech and bio-tech industry in Austria.

Alara Öcer – Team Admin | Office Management