Identec Solutions

Automatic identification and localization of objects and personsIdentec Solutions provides active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems used in automatic identification and tracking of objects or persons. In years of research and development, the individual components of the Intelligent Long Range® active RFID were all intercoordinated and optimized to the extent of having achieved a reach of 500m with minimal power usage. Thus, Identec Solution has set new standards in Tracking and Tracing of people and objects.


Incorporation: 1999

Industry: Wireless RFID Tracing and Tracking Solutions

Focus: Identification Systems

Headquarters: Lustenau, Austria


mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh

Wafer Handling – patented components and systems Operating out of Villach, Mechantronic develops and manufactures computer-operated automation units, so-called ‘handling wafers’ for the semiconductor industry. Wafers are circular or square approximately 1 mm thick slices used in semiconductor-, photovoltaic and micromechanics industry. These are the base plate for integrated circuits (ICs) or micromechanical sensors. Mechantronic Systemtechnik GmbH is the world leading company that handles ultra thin wafers onto the chip or the backside without any contact.


Incorporation: 1998

Industry: Assembly Robot Design & ProductionFocus: Wafer Handler For The Semiconductor Industry

Headquarters: Villach, Austria



SAIL LABS Technology is one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of speech and language technologies and Open Source Intelligence systems. The technology offers multi-lingual, content-based spoken-audio search in real-time. The company develops technologies to mine multi-media data and text including the indexing of audio, video and test, automatic speech recognition, transcriptions in multiple languages, named entity detection as well as topic detection. The solutions allow real-time, content-based search in multi-media files, automatic summarization and visualization.

SAIL LABS Technology designs solutions that help customers stay ahead of the information overload by using state-of-the-art speech technology to automatically produce transcpricts of audio and video files and thus convert them into structured and searchable information.


Incorporation: 1999

Industry: Speech and Language Technology

Focus: Transcription of audio and video files

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria



A comfortable way of parking – a new service made in Austria!This new convenient service of driving into public garages without having to pull a ticket or present keys or cards and where you do not have to look for a pay machine – this is what TRAFFIC PASS Holding GmbH has developed. Trafficpass’ system is a web-based walkthrough payment solution for mobility services.


Incorporation: 2008

Industry: RFID & Software Development

Focus: Cashless & Contact-Free Payment Solutions

Headquarters: Vienna, AustriaWebsite: